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Living United In 2016, we participated in the Tulsa Area United Way campaign for the first time. As a trailblazer, we were one of 26 companies to complete our campaign prior to the Day of Caring on September 9th. As a first year organization, we raised $20,715.84 through our campaign, which will later be matched by other organizations. We [...]

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Gordy Guest

I am incredibly proud of what Cyntergy has become – both as a professional service firm and as a part of the Tulsa community. Over the years, many have verbalized an “IT” factor about Cyntergy. Defining “IT” is impossible, but after 19 years, I am confident of this: we are different…and that is a great thing! This [...]

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Ken Hirshey

PE (TX), PMP As the primary founder of Cyntergy, it has always been my passion to provide our customers not only with a superior level of service, but also to create a relationship of trust and confidence. I firmly believe that exceeding our customers' expectations and being continually transparent with them forms the basis for strong relationships. This [...]

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Robert Burkman

This is a company of purpose and opportunity. I came to Cyntergy with a wealth of experience in broadcasting which initially seemed worlds away from architecture. My opinion evolved when I saw how genuinely the people inside these walls wanted to share their vision of a company that listens. In broadcasting, you use focus groups to target [...]

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Josh Chesney

The opportunity to be a part of a team that is not only concerned with designing great projects, but creating lasting relationships is why I love what I do. As the lead designer for the previous 10 years, I’ve had the privilege of developing genuine relationships with many of our clients to create inspired projects. I love [...]

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Robert Day

PE, BCEE, NCEES My role at Cyntergy involves representing the firm as a Principal, leading several market sectors, performing as a Project and Program Manager, supporting the Civil Engineering group as Project Engineer and assisting our Project Managers in managing clients and contracts. My duties also involve leading sales and marketing efforts over multiple market sectors. Additionally, I [...]

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Mark Eberhard

DBIA I have over 35 years of experience in construction administration services in the government, commercial and private sectors. I have built many relationships over the years by truly understanding what a client’s needs are and helping them fulfill those needs by delivering successful projects. I always enjoy the challenge and relationships that are built from the early [...]

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Jeff Ferguson

PE, CPMP, NCEES Cyntergy, to me, is the greener side of the fence. It is a place that is comfortable and familiar, no matter if you have been here for 16 years or if you are in your first year as a summer intern. There are so many intangibles at a company like Cyntergy that it is hard to zero [...]

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Christopher Harwell

PE, NCEES In 1991, I didn’t realize that the opportunity I was given to begin a career in the A+E industry would be so incredibly rewarding. I believe that it is very important that people enjoy their job/profession. With Cyntergy’s culture and team environment, I can honestly say that I enjoy mine. Each day, I get the chance [...]

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Mike Obermark

PE, NCEES I have worked as a mechanical engineer in the Tulsa area for 30 years. Some of the fields include oil refinery, paper mill and steel fabrication. What I enjoy most is watching a project grow from an idea to a design to final construction. I have been working with building systems for the past 10 years [...]

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