Mike Phelps

PE, LEED®AP I love the beauty of architecture and the problem solving of engineering. Being an HVAC engineer at Cyntergy allows me to combine those two loves. I enjoy documentaries, cars, energy efficiency and spending time with my wife and two kids. Learning new things and being challenged and stretched gets me up in the morning. I have [...]

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Joel Ross

DBIA I have over 20 years of experience in construction project management and construction administration services in the government, commercial and private sectors. I enjoy the challenge, relationships and accomplishments that are built from the early stages of design concepts through the final completion of a project. Cyntergy has given me the opportunities, training and tools to meet [...]

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James Spradling

PE, NCEES I have had the opportunity to travel throughout the United States and meet hundreds of people dealing with the fire protection industry. Owners, developers, contractors, building officials, fire departments and water departments all have different goals for a certain building, and by gaining trust through communication and relationships, the ultimate goal of a safe, usable building [...]

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Stefan Tittjung

Cyntergy, for me, is the ideal working environment. Being the Deputy Director of Civil Engineering allows me the honor of working with a great bunch of people while doing what I love – being creative. Civil Engineering allows me to put my footprint on earth through form and function while expressing creative freedom. I graduated from Northeastern [...]

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James Turner

AIA, NCARB I love the challenge of being a part of a team solving difficult design problems. Whether it is a new structure that needs expertise to lead it through design and construction or an old building that needs creative spark to re-purpose it, I like problems. I am passionate about old buildings and the quality of design, [...]

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Larry Vorba

PE, PMP After 39 years of engineering and architectural work experiences, I can still honestly say I love what I do for a living. During my first interview for a summer internship position while still attending Oklahoma State University, the seasoned engineer who was interviewing me stated that he thought of structural engineering as an “art form.” Although [...]

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Leo Williams

RA I love being a representative for Cyntergy. The people that I am fortunate to meet while working on a design for a project represent why I am committed to this company and our clients. I get to talk to a wide range of people in my line of business at Cyntergy, and many of them have become [...]

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