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HVAC Systems
Plumbing Systems
Central Plants
Geothermal Systems
Industrial Ventilation
Facility Assessments & Pre-Purchase Studies
Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
Feasibility Studies
As-Built Site Scoping Services
Infrastructure Master Planning
Conceptual Construction Budget Estimates
HVAC and Plumbing System Investigations
Light Industrial Process Piping
Energy Recovery Technology
Temperature Controls & Sequences
Building Automation Systems

LEED Evaluation, Submission & Documentation
Building Information Modeling
Energy Star Evaluation, Submission & Documentation
Concept Design & Bridging Documents for Preliminary Pricing
Criteria & Project Scope Determination
Identification of Energy Savings Opportunities
Bench-marking & Energy Use Index (EUI) Evaluation
Application of ASHRAE Advanced Energy Design Guide in Identification of Energy Conservation Measures
System Commissioning
Design & Evaluation of Smoke Evacuation Systems for Certification