2016 Summer Interns

This summer, we had the best team of interns yet. Cody, Daniel, Olivia, Austin, Jackson and Chase joined us for summer 2016, and we are excited we will have some of them back in December. They were great additions to our team, and we’re glad they were able to fully submerge into the culture. Here are some snippets of what they learned:

“They really care about the employees and the customers, which makes a good package.” –Cody

“When I started here, one of the first things they talked about was how dedicated they are to their faith.” –Daniel

We’re unique because we have every discipline under the same roof, which is important for our success.” –Olivia

“I got to work on actual projects and be a part of the full team.” –Austin

“I got to go hand on – first day – actually doing stuff.” –Jackson

“They actually care about the relationship with the customer and doing things right.” –Chase