In 1991, I didn’t realize that the opportunity I was given to begin a career in the A+E industry would be so incredibly rewarding. I believe that it is very important that people enjoy their job/profession. With Cyntergy’s culture and team environment, I can honestly say that I enjoy mine. Each day, I get the chance to collaborate with other engineers, architects, designers, contractors and clients and do my part to make each project a success for everyone involved. Now, 25+ years later, I am thankful that I accepted that opportunity!

Even though my profession keeps me busy, I value spending time with my family and community. Thankfully, I get to enjoy both by teaching Sunday school with my wife and leading a service group, and I have been able to go on several mission trips with my children. In the professional industry, I have taught lighting design, participated in a collegiate architectural design jury and become a member of OSPE, NSPE, NCEES and IESNA.