Cyntergy, to me,  is  the greener side of the fence. It is a place that is comfortable and familiar, no matter if you have been here for 16 years or if you are in your first year as a summer intern. There are so many intangibles at a company like Cyntergy that it is hard to zero in on exactly what makes it a special place to work. For me, I think the two words – “growth” and “opportunity” – sum it up. I have been challenged to  grow from a junior engineer into my position as Director of Mechanical Engineering while here at Cyntergy, and I attribute this opportunity to a wonderful Cyntergy family (owners and co-workers) that places value on the contributions of every employee.

I have enjoyed putting into practice, these last 16 years, much of what I learned as an under-graduate and graduate student at Oklahoma State University. The changing and evolving building systems industry continues to pique my interest every day and forces me to learn something new about the built environment to stay competitive and to offer quality mechanical design services to great clients.