As the primary founder of Cyntergy, it has always been my passion to provide our customers not only with a superior level of service, but also to create a relationship of trust and confidence. I firmly believe that exceeding our customers’ expectations and being continually transparent with them forms the basis for strong relationships. This foundational belief continues to be the focus for the professional services we provide and the approach that sets us apart.

From the company inception, the name “Cyntergy” has been an intentional combination of two critical principles. First, the “Synergy” of our people to create much more value that any one of us could do on our own. Second is for the company “Centered” in such a way that our foundational ethics and beliefs are Biblically focused. After 17 years, my primary objective has not changed and remains very simple: to lead all of us at Cyntergy to approach each day with these principles as our guide.